A friend of mine recently had a baby and I wanted to send her something special to celebrate. I love a bright colourful mobile above a cot or changing table so I decided to have a go at making one.

I took my inspiration from the Cath Kidston “Sew” book which also includes some bird templates, I found some similar ones online though (see below) or you could hand draw yours to adjust the size and shape.

The crossbar was made by my husband with some oak he had spare but you can use anything to create the cross. Cath Kidston’s book suggests wrapping leftover fabric around some wooden or plastic sticks, or you may not even want to use a crossbar and hang them from something else instead.

This is a great scrap busting project and doesn’t require much fabric at all. I made 5 birds but you could make as many as you like. I used a sewing machine for the bulk of the project and finished off with hand stitching, however, you could easily do this project without a machine.

Start by cutting out your shapes. To make 5 birds you need:

10 x bird bodies (remember to cut them as mirrors so right sides can face together)

20 x bird wings (remember to mirror these as above)

Now you are ready to sew up all your pairs of wings and bodies. Place right sides together and leave a small opening to turn the shape inside out. I found it easiest to leave this gap along a straight edge, so just below the birds tail along its bottom was a good one and on the wings I just left a small gap on the underneath.

Once you have all your shapes, you can turn them all inside out so the right sides are on the outside and then the sewing up commences. The wings do not need stuffing and can be sewn up as they are and the birds will need stuffing. I used a cheap foam pillow I cut open but you can use proper teddy stuffing or other small scraps you have around the house perhaps. Now sew up your bird body. 

Now sew two wings on to each bird body, I chose to use contrasting patterns but you can do this anyway you like. I have seen similar mobiles where people use felt wings to cut out part of the sewing process, I don’t think these are quite so effective but are certainly much quicker.

Once birds are fully assembled you are on the home straight. How you choose to hang them is up to you, I used little metal circles sewn on to the back of them, but you could sew the thread straight through the bird.

I found some old thick embroidery wool and used beads to stop the thread falling back through the hole at the top and make a slightly more attractive stopper. As my husband had made the cross with a bolt and hanger, I super glued a bead into the middle bolt that he bored a hole in, to keep it nice and tidy.

I hung the birds at different heights so they do not hit each other when they move. And Voila, one bird mobile complete. If you do get round to making a mobile yourself I would love to see what you create, so please tag me open Instagram @wingedhare